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house_animationHomes, buildings and other constructed facilities may develop conditions, which are structurally unsafe. Foundations and slabs can settle or heave, structures may collapse or crack, windows and walls can become damaged.
Due to our strong commitment to our customer’s satisfaction, as well as our dedication to providing a quality product, Sierra Construction has been rated one of the best repair contractors in San Francisco metro and the surrounding areas.

Throughout the years our Structural Division has developed the experience, skills, personnel and equipment necessary to handle a wide variety of projects. Projects have included; re-leveling of existing homes and other structures, realignment of foundation walls, reinforcing existing foundation walls, isolation of non-load bearing members, structural floors of wood and concrete, and other miscellaneous repairs:

Re-leveling Existing Structures
Underpinning is the drilling or installing of new piers after the structure has been re-leveled and returned to its approximate original constructed position, including the abandoning of the original piers under the structure.

Soft- Story Retrofitting

Property owners are required to seismically strengthen buildings that are at an increased risk during an earthquake. Most of these buildings are older, multi-family building and wood frame with a soft-story condition. This is important for tenant safety and building protection during an earthquake. We cannot predict when the next earthquake will hit, but we can work together to protect ourselves and our properties. A weak or soft story floor, wood-frame building is a structure where the first story is much weaker that the stories above due to lack of  frames or walls on the first floor. A lot of these buildings have large open areas for commercial space or parking lots on the first floor and that leaves them more likely to have substantial damage during an earthquake. We can make sure your building is safe.

Foundation Repairs –  Reinforce foundation walls (Sister walls)
A foundation sister wall is designed to reinforce the structure’s existing failing foundation wall. In this design “all thread” bolts are drilled through the existing wall to provide lateral support. Steel plates are installed to provide more support forelevelingr the “all thread”. The wall is formed using standard plywood forming method with the “all thread” penetrating through the forms providing lateral support for the form.

  • Counter-forts
  • Settlement repairs
  • Expansive soils
  • Complete and partial re-levels
  • Under-pinning
  • Realignments
  • Masonry foundations
  • Removing & replacing existing I-beams
Structural Floors          
–  Steel beam
–  Steel joist
–  Wood joist
Grading and Drainage Repairs
–  Sump pumps and sump pits
–  Drainage swales
–  French drains
–  Interior/exterior foundation drains
–  Surface drainage
–  Curb cuts and sidewalk chases
Wood Framing Repairs
–  Roof framing
–  Floor joist
–  Termite repairs
Slope Stabilization
–  Helical anchors
–  Retaining walls